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About Us

Established in 1999, Sarah Designs Jewelry® is recognized for its uniquely modern and sophisticated jewelry in startling vibrant colors and a wide array of exquisite gemstones. Enclosed with rare fossils, meteorites, druzies and gemstones, each piece is assembled in sterling silver, platinum, rhodium, 14kt yellow and rose gold settings; the result is simplistic beauty with a touch of freeform modern lifestyle.

Imbued with creativity, anticipation and emotion, me and my uniquely talented artisans apply our metal-smithing skills and breathe life, energy and radiance into creating these stunning pieces of jewelry, which showcases opulence and elegance. I am proud to offer unparalleled artisanship and inimitable designs inspired by art and nature. My distinctive stone-setting and metal-alloying collaborates three key factors: talent, passion and ability to further explore the intricate art of jewelry design thus creating shimmering ornaments that assert great sentimental significance and symbolic meaning.