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Order today Receive FREE SHIPPING

Canadian Bulls Eye Malachite Genuine Gemstone Silver Bracelet B4581

PRICING: I have kept the Bracelet cost at a minimum point considering the quality of the stones used in making each one of them. All gemstones were carefully handpicked and several initial trial layouts were done in order to piece together the final product you see here. Factor in the matter that express shipping to the US is kept at a bare minimum rate, then you do get your money's worth.

PRODUCT: You will receive the EXACT item as pictured
SHIPPING: TRACKED Express Worldwide Shipping
MATERIAL: 925 Sterling Silver + Copper bonded
PLACE OF ORIGIN: Vancouver, Canada
TYPE OF CLOSURE: Toggle / Clasp
MEASUREMENT: Shown against the Scale
WEIGHT: Varied
COLOR: As pictured
SHAPE: As shown

PHOTOGRAPHY: All images are taken against plain neutral background. Several views including close ups are shown from different angles of the same product(s). Images are NOT Photo-shopped or altered, so any or all minor flaws are visible; this helps keep buyer confidence up on products.

• Order processed & shipped Monday-Saturday from 9AM-9PM
• Items manufactured EXCLUSIVELY in North America / Italy / India
• Excellent customer service with a smile!
• I follow up with ALL my customers regarding their concerns
• Massive quality inventory with the widest selection available
• Jewelry that makes sense and defies the regular norms
• Individual owned business over 18 years of design experience
• What you see is exactly what you get! NO bait and switch
• NO flimsy/cheap workmanship. Only QUALITY products!

VIEWPOINT: My products are always top of the line in terms of quality and price. The whole concept behind my line of jewelry is the proper combination of gemstones and silver setting along with correct choice and usage of color to match it with any sort of seasonal clothing/outfits; which increases its momentum and overall appeal. This sets my products apart from the competitors as it merges the high end classy look and feel; providing affordability as my top most priority. The value for each item is always kept below median market level prices, so you can enjoy the benefits of owning unique jewelry pieces for a fraction of the cost as opposed to from any other retailers.

USA & Canada: 3-5 business days
Europe & Australia: 4-5 business days
Asia, Africa and Middle East: 5-9 business day