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Montana Agate Pendant 4mm Snake Chain V261

PRODUCT: You will receive the EXACT item as pictured MATERIAL: 925 Sterling Silver + Bonded Copper PATTERN: Vintage filigree pattern with Antique Polish PLACE OF ORIGIN: Vancouver, Canada MEASUREMENT: Shown Against the Scale TYPE OF CLASP: Lobster Clasp for the chains INCLUDED: FREE Venetian Snake Chain LENGTH (Inch): 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28 & 30 inches SHIPPING: Cost Specified at checkout WEIGHT: Varied STAMP / MARK: SARAH CONDITION: New COLOR: As pictured SHAPE: As shown PACKAGING: Fawn leather pouches + Polishing cloth + Hard cover boxes Montana Agate is the term given to the stunning chalcedony that was found in the alluvial gavels of the Yellowstone River. It formed during the Pleistocene period from (2,588,000 until 11,700 years BP). ... Montana agate also known as the Yellowstone Agate. The beauty of this is that they cannot be claimed, mined and dug-out by a few enterprises but will be available, in smaller numbers, to public and collectors for tens and hundreds of years to come. The fresh exposures do get hunted quite diligently each year, but new agates are always found by the persistent collectors. This stone has been known to have many positive and healing aspects. Healing, self confidence, and increased memory are just some of the claims to this gem that has been very consistent throughout history, even encasing ancient times. Among the mystical powers attributed to Agate are the ability to guard against danger, cure insomnia, ensure pleasant dreams and enable you to see the world with greater clarity. It is also said to increase concentration and promote good fortune.