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Turkish Stick Agate Pendant 4mm Snake Chain V283

PRODUCT: You will receive the EXACT item as pictured MATERIAL: 925 Sterling Silver + Bonded Copper PATTERN: Vintage filigree pattern with Antique Polish PLACE OF ORIGIN: Vancouver, Canada MEASUREMENT: Shown Against the Scale TYPE OF CLASP: Lobster Clasp for the chains INCLUDED: FREE Venetian Snake Chain LENGTH (Inch): 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28 & 30 inches SHIPPING: Cost Specified at checkout WEIGHT: Varied STAMP / MARK: SARAH CONDITION: New COLOR: As pictured SHAPE: As shown PACKAGING: Fawn leather pouches + Polishing cloth + Hard cover boxes Turkish Stick Agate is an interesting pseudomorph agate, from Turkey with a variety of intriguing patterns and colors. The Turkish Stick Agates come in different types. A distinguishing characteristic of Turkish Stick Agates is needle-like tubes, forming what looks like pointy, sharp sticks within the stone, so it can be referred to as Needle Agate.