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Picture Jasper Cufflinks k352


Concept: The cufflinks are casted out of Solid Fine sterling silver (Nickel Free). Great care was taken to hand layer the filigree vintage pattern enclosing each stone. The flexible posts are casted out of silver as well. Antique polish was applied to the entire outer layer to preserve and showcase its vintage texture.
As an introductory launch into Men's line of Jewelry, I have marked these cufflinks to the bare minimum cost (includes anti tarnish case) to allow my clients to enjoy a whole new paradigm of sleek cuff links with versatile appeal for a lesser value.

Craftsmanship: I wanted to do something bit more creative than what was done / is being already offered regarding men's cufflinks. To start at the very beginning, I decided to buy rough rocks straight from local mines/ suppliers by the lbs to procure the cabs in the exact shape and size necessary to begin my journey. Next step, was to use variety of vintage, contemporary and unique patterns to totally enclose the stone with silver (avoid the latch/prong setting) which gives the cufflinks more depth and durability.

Price & Affordability: Considering the large varieties of gemstones used in the cufflinks, I wanted to keep the price barrier at a lower point. One way to accomplish this is to cut the cabs from the rough rocks directly, which eliminates the need for a middleman. Secondly this gives me larger control/flexibility over the quality and pattern of cabs that can be extracted.

►Why buy my cufflinks over the ones available in the market?

■ The answer to that is quite simple. I concentrate my effort on gemstones primarily, which allows me to offer my customers with a product that is authentic and high end from the Get-go. Even if you were to go buy cabs of this quality, it is going to cost you quite a bit. Lots of time and effort is spent on the craftsmanship of each of these cufflinks. Unlink most cufflinks available, these are "not" DIY project where you stick a pre-made plastic or metal frame to a post. It is a prolonged procedure from start to finish.

PRODUCT: You will receive the EXACT item as pictured
MATERIAL: 925 SOLID Sterling Silver / Vintage Filigree Pattern
PLACE OF ORIGIN: Vancouver, Canada
MEASUREMENT: Shown Against the Scale / Hand
WEIGHT: Varied
STAMP / MARK: 925 Canada